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In literal stone

A couple of weeks ago I asked The Good Word, Co.’s Instagram followers to share some of their favorite quotes or song lyrics. While reading the responses I giggled, I smiled and I reflected. It’s amazing what impact a sentence or two can have on your heart.

From a young age I can remember searching for and clinging to quotes and lyrics that spoke to me. I think as humans we’re all just looking for the validation that we’re not the first to feel a certain way – whether it be in joy, love, confusion or sadness. We can find that validation from friends or from perfect strangers in scripture, quotes and song lyrics.

Words are cool

These snippets of someone’s story, feelings or thoughts can be words of healing for me, while also being words of hope for you. Showing that the real power at work here is humans exchanging stories. It comes down to that, something that seems so simple. We can recognize the significance of sharing stories and past experiences from the very beginning of human existence. Cavemen (let’s be honest, I doubt cavewomen were able to do anything but birth babies and pick berries), developed language and then cemented that language in literal stone to tell their tales.

To see how far we’ve come and the different avenues we now have to share these stories and connect through the written word baffles, inspires and encourages me. I guess when I read my own words back, it’s no wonder The Good Word, Co. eventually came into existence. My passion for storytelling runs deep, and the trust that organizations give over to The Good Word, Co. to tell theirs is not lost on me. It’s some of the greatest honor, joy and excitement I feel in my life.

My Turn

In that same Instagram post, I also promised to share a quote and song lyric personal to me and my story. Both hold significance to my past, present and future.

A quote that I first connected to as I was getting ready for college and looking ahead to a future of uncertainty is, “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me,” by Ayn Rand. Although at 17 I probably connected to this because of my sassy, attempting-to-be-a-teenage-rebel nature, I still find a lot of strength in these words. I am sure many of you can relate to a time that you waited for an invisible permission to pursue something you wanted, only to learn that you it was up to just you all along. That quote is still on display in my high school bedroom, turned guest room, in my parents’ house and I crack a smile every time I see it.

Ironically, the song that sticks out is from the same season of life. My senior year of high school I celebrated the end of a volunteer organization I was part of. Part of the celebration was a procession of all graduating members walking into the crowded ballroom and then standing on stage as their bio was read. We each picked our own song to walk to. For all my fellow baseball sisters out there, it was my one chance to have a “walkout song” and I wasn’t about to mess that up. I was escorted by two of my childhood best friends and we walked to “Wild Horses” by Natasha Bedingfield. John and Mitchel, if you’re reading this, hi. :)

All I want is the wind in my hair To face the fear but not feel scared

Ooh, wild horses I want to be like you Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too

I think I came across this song by googling “pretty songs that mention horses.” Oh yeah, BIG horse girl over here, but that can be for another post. However, now that I am older and lived a bit more life, I think we all have moments where we want to taste the freedom that a wild horse feels galloping through a field. So, if you’re feeling a little bit that way today or just want to dive into a moment of nostalgia by hearing Natasha’s voice (where are my The Hills people at?), take a listen.

That escalated quickly

As promised, this blog post took on a life of its own. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re relating to 17-year-old me and can’t find a nearby field to run through, a car ride with your favorite song on and windows rolled down works just the same.

Talk soon,


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