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Impact Montana, Ryan Luchau

grant writing and communications support

"In just a short amount of time The Good Word, and Caitlin specifically, have been a strong asset for Impact Montana.  Considering we are in the very beginning of a significant growth phase, her grant writing, and writing skills in general, have been invaluable for helping us articulate the Impact Montana story.  Organizations with small teams have to make due with their staff wearing multiple hats, and this has been the case for Impact Montana.  But there are specific things that nonprofits can't compromise on in order to fulfill their mission, like writing grants and exposing the public to its work.  And when the knowledge or skill set is not readily accessible on the team, whether that is because of time or skill, outsourcing is necessary.  In this case we are glad we connected with The Good Word, and now have seen the value that comes from having a strong writer as a part of the team.  Words are powerful and we are grateful that The Good Word is there to help us put our work and vet testimonies into words and to share them with anyone who will benefit from reading them."

Coulter Cadillac, Paul Glans

Creative Writing

It is important to take time to express and share the pleasure of working with The Good Word, Co. (Caitlin) on a project I needed quickly. In our busy world, it is a delight to encounter a person of true integrity. Caitlin’s quick response and detail is refreshing.

Sugar Pine Design, Emily Maita,

writing and communications support

"The Good Word, Co. is a pleasure to work with. Caitlin has an incredible way with words. I would recommend TGW to anyone looking for writing or communications needs."

American Engraving, Co., Jim Pigott,

routine writing and graphic customer

"We have utilized and referred The Good Word for a variety of projects. Caitlin is responsive, creative and multi-talented. You can rely on her for great written and graphic work."

Brooke and Kevin,

wedding invitation customer

"Caitlin truly helped bring our design to life for our wedding invitations. She was attentive, quick to communicate, and made us the invites of our dreams! Highly recommend The Good Word Co!"

Brown Pig Customs,


"Caitlin is wonderful to work with! She created our logo in a timely manner and I would definitely recommend her services to a friend."

Marble Surface

Let's Work Together!

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