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The Good Word, Co.

"good words don't happen on accident."

The Good Word Co. is a full-service resource, run by Caitlin Pigott, for organizations to utilize in their positioning, planning and execution of communication efforts. Services include, but are not limited to: creative writing, grant writing, public relations, audience identification and research, and fundraising support. Along with the written communication efforts, TGW also has a select graphic design program. 


The Good Word, Co. is based in Scottsdale, AZ, but much like Caitlin’s heart, focuses on helping organizations in Phoenix, southern California and central Montana.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Good Word, Co. is to help others see the goodness in our world by working with organizations that are having a positive and profound impact on their communities. 


Head Writer & Owner

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Caitlin, head writer and owner of The Good Word, Co. I love to hear, share and promote inspiring stories. That love is the inspiration behind The Good Word, Co. It might not always look like it, but I know this world is a good place filled with good people. I love to work alongside these good people, doing good things so that their audience grows in size and engagement value.

Prior to starting my own communications business, I worked as an in-house nonprofit employee for four years. In those early years of my professional career, I met some not only good, but great people who were doing wonderful things for their community. I witnessed youth rise from intense poverty in tough parts of Los Angeles through the resources provided by Boys & Girls Clubs. I then got to meet and share the stories of kids and teens in the Phoenix valley who ­– with the help of their Boys & Girls Clubs mentors who walked before them – went on to represent the state of Arizona at our nation’s capital. And most recently, I saw the kind of heartbreak, resilience, hope and healing that can only be found in a place as life-changing and life-saving as Phoenix Children’s Hospital. These experiences undoubtedly shaped the person I am and because I could never tell you which was “more good”, I was inspired to start a business where I can help multiple organizations at once.


I look forward to meeting more good people out there and I can’t wait to help make your organization’s goals a reality by sharing the goodness you put into this world.  

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