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My friends call me Caite

Hey y’all. The first The Good Word, Co. Blog post is going start with me, because well, for now I’m a one (wo)man show. If you’ve met me in a professional setting in the past, or even just met me for the first time on my about page, you met me as Caitlin. Which is my God and parent-given name, but my friends call me Caite.

Since you have found yourself on this page, I think we probably can start the path to friendship. But I take the term friend seriously, so it’s Caitlin to you if you aren’t going to be nice. A lot of my most treasured friends have been in my life for well over a decade. That’s me – if I love something, I tend to give it my all.

I have and will continue to promote a similar love for The Good Word, Co., all our current and future clients and the communities they serve.

Setting the scene

As I write this, I am sitting in the Salt Lake City airport. I am about to head home after attending a dear, dear person’s celebration of life. She was someone who touched my life and the lives of so many others in ways that we will undoubtedly carry forward. Every story shared had a common theme – we learned something or were given an opportunity just because she was aware enough to meet us where we were at the time we needed her. I realized she lived her life with the same values I want The Good Word, Co. to be known for – using my own skills, reach and passions to help others right where they are.

I am eager for “launch day” to be here, so that I can share the result of a lot of dreaming, hard work, and help from others. It is the start of a brand new chapter and adventure.

What to expect here

I want the blog to be a place that I can just let down my guard and talk about what’s on my mind. Because of that, I can’t promise to know where this road will take us, but chances are it’ll be fun and full of twists and turns. I’ll probably vent about current events, recap a conversation I had with a friend that sparked a thought worth sharing, and complain about the heat in Arizona during the summer and snow in Montana during the Winter. Either way, welcome aboard!

Talk soon,


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