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Let's talk about ... milestones

As the first anniversary of The Good Word, Co. being in business approached, I had a lot of thoughts. “How did that happen so fast?” ‘How did that happen so slowly?”

It’s easy to measure our life by our milestones. But I caution you to not value your life by your milestones. I recognize the accomplishment of running a profitable business for one year; however, September 7, 2021 and September 7, 2022 aren’t the only days I cherish of the last 365.

I remember the excitement of launch day and I am full of pride today, but when I think about the growth and best parts of this year, I am reminded of the little moments that don’t make it to Instagram. Milestones are simply markers of a collection of little moments that make them possible.

I am grateful for my business. I have wonderful clients who do amazing work that I get the honor of showcasing. When I think about this last year, I am also grateful for weekday mornings I could guiltlessly grab coffee with a friend, spending a week working from a different state because that’s where my family was, seeing my horse on a Thursday afternoon because I needed a pick-me-up, working on Saturdays, brainstorming late at night and so much more.

This is a milestone for me living a more balanced life. And it’s a milestone for the communities my clients serve to have more awareness of the goodness going on around them. It isn’t just about me sharing The Good Word, Co. with the world for a full year.

Today is the kickstart for the little moments I will gather between September 7, 2022 and September 7, 2023. I celebrate today and hope for so many more reasons to be grateful in 2023.

Celebrate something big, or small, with me today.

An affirmation to try: I am proud of the accomplishments of my life. They are impressive parts of who I am, but they are not the only place I find value.

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