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Let's Talk About ... Karma

Karma is the boomerang of life ­– what goes around, comes right back around with the same force.

Your karma is up to you. If you do good things in the world, the world will do good things to you. This doesn’t mean sh*t won’t happen occasionally. Because it will. It just means when the bad stuff does come, it isn’t the boomerang coming back for you.

I try my best to have a positive and helpful outlook in life. Being kind and uplifting makes other people and myself feel better. That type of behavior is setting yourself up for good karma. Give it a try.

Their karma is not up to you. When someone wrongs us, it’s easy to want to be vindictive or vengeful. If we had kept up the “eye for an eye” method, my optometrist bill would be half the price, but I would run into twice the amount walls. So, I am going to say it one more time, their karma is not up to you.

Focus on your boomerang.

An affirmation to try: “I can set my positive karma in motion by putting goodness into the world.”

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