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Let's Talk About ... Inner Peace

I have never been more anxious than I was for the first few months of 2022. I’ve had small seasons of anxiety in my life, but they were nothing like what I faced during that time.

Thankfully, I have done enough work on myself to know what causes me to feel anxious. For me, it’s a sign that something is going to – or needs to – majorly change. These feelings were a signal I needed to take a deep, honest look at my life and figure out where I was out of sync.

Peace was not something I felt an overwhelming amount of for those few months. But it is something I crave and work really hard to maintain in my everyday life. I can remember praying for simply that – peace. I also surrounded myself with my people. When I say “my people” I mean my closest friends and family who I don’t have to try to be around. Time with my people breathes more life into me than anything else. You might be wired differently. If you want to know how you recharge or fill up, I’d recommend figuring out what number you are on the Enneagram. Where are my fellow twos at?!

It can be intimidating to look at your circumstances and figure out where the issue is. Because it isn’t always someone else’s fault. I’ve been there before. When I looked for the issue and realized it was an unhealthy habit I had or a toxic relationship I was in.

This time, it was something external. It took me a few months to identify it, but when I did, I found just what I was looking for – peace. Before I even acted on the change I knew was on the horizon, I exhaled a deep breath I had (apparently) been holding in for a while. The change I had to make wasn’t just going to affect me. In fact, it affected a lot of people around me in very profound ways. I was hurting and helping people I love in the same action. That came with its own confusion.

But I still knew I needed to make this adjustment in my life. It was going to sting at first, but ultimately it would give me back my peace. Few things in this life are more valuable than your own inner peace. And I learned, from the very people I hurt and helped by my decision, that we all can relate to that.

Relationships weren’t ruined by me acting on something that was attacking my inner peace. Because when you are genuinely seeking out your most peaceful life, there isn’t room to be blamed for much.

You should be proud of the peaceful life you have created. And if you are feeling a little more like early-2022 me, take a look at what’s stealing that peace from you. Then, take it back. I promise you can do it.

An affirmation to try: A peaceful life is a happy life.

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