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Editorial Work

Below are some of my personal favorite editorial pieces I have written. I hope you enjoy reading these inspiring, fun, captivating stories as much as I enjoyed writing them! 

Shino Training Center: Support. Talent. Consistency

Featured in Arabian Horse Times

"The Shino Training Center (STC) group of clientele – competitive amateurs and owners alike – travel as a pack at shows. They put their vocal cords to the test from the stands, seeing how loud they can cheer in celebration. They also are waiting for each other at the stalls with a warm hug and words of encouragement if something doesn’t go as hoped in the show arena." Read the full story here.

30 Years in the Saddle: JT Keller Celebrates Career Milestone

Featured in Arabian Horse Times

"As Gordon Potts jogged the first direction of the Arabian western pleasure open during the

2004 U.S. Nationals, with hopes of roses in his head as he sat aboard the iconic stallion

Exxpectation, he realized the screw connecting the reins to his bit was gone. No screw, no

way to show. Potts was in a place of desperation. When he looked up, he saw his assistant trainer at the time JT Keller heading back to their stalls in a full sprint." Read the full story here.

Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund: Friends and strangers come together through the love of Arabian horses

 2024 Arabian Horse Times Readers' Choice Favorite Editorial 

"Mary Trowbridge deflects attention and recognition sent her way about the Arabian

Horsemen’s Distress Fund (AHDF). But, an organization is often only as good as its

leadership, and Trowbridge has been at the helm since day one. When Trowbridge

started training horses 45 years ago, she never imagined that path would give her a

competitive show record, successful training business, and reason to start a nonprofit. Read the full story here

A Dream Coming True: ASA Scandalous Affair

Featured in Arabian Horse Times Western Guide (2024)

"Lucky people come across their “dream horse” at some point in their lives, luckier people have the chance to own that dream horse, and the luckiest can say they bred, raised, and still own them. ASA Scandalous Affair (“Scandal”) is Kim Butler self-identified dream horse. She falls into the category of the “luckiest” equestrians, as the breeder and owner of Scandal. The nine-year-old homozygous black stallion has never known a life without his owners Kim Butler and Jim Blevins." Read the full story here.

Brooke Landon: Not Your Typical Teenager

Cover Story for Arabian Horse Times

"Brooke Landon is not your typical teenager. Brooke Landon is also not your typical Arabian

horse competitor or breeder. The opening line to this piece is the first and last time her age will be mentioned, because her knowledge of the breed and strategy behind how she plans to leave her mark, makes the number of laps she’s taken around the sun irrelevant. Landon is solely dedicated to her family business, Landon Equestrian. She shows an impressive string of horses but admits the bulk of her passion is driven by breeding English Arabians and Half-Arabians." Read the full story here.

Milliondollarbaby SF: A Story Of Grief And Gratitude

Cover Story for Arabian Horse Times Western Brochure

"They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. But sisters Leslie Doran Sommer and Carrie Doran Fritz feel like they are living a story that busts that myth. The introduction of their now 4-year-old Monaco Jullyen V son Milliondollarbaby SF, to the show arena last year presented the possibility he will follow in his legendary father’s footsteps—or hoofprints—in more ways than one."

 Read the full story here

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